We are most inspired when we meet couples who are vulnerable with each other and us. Love is real. There isn't a template that can explain the unique experiences that each relationship goes through. There are great times and hard times, but you've grown through them all and have made the commitment to join your lives together forever. We believe that our genuine interest in building a relationship with you allows us to tell your story better than anyone else. We want to have dinner with you and get to know not just how you met, but your outlook on life, what excites you and what you loves to do. Whether that's friends + family time or going to concerts on weekends or travel or food - we care. We always want to work with couples who want an authentic and exciting film that represents their wedding experience. We want each and every couple of ours to feel injected with the passion we put into creating their film. We want to tell their story so intentionally that every time they watch it, they are reminded of the love shared between them and those around them that adore their story. We want their film to remind them that nothing in life is more important than the love they share. And that nothing is better than spending time together. We are Henry Weddings and we want to know your story.