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The Journey is the first LUT pack I've ever released to the public. I am consistently getting messages about our color settings so I thought it was time to share the opportunity with the filmmaking world. This pack consists of 3 LUTs. All of these are presets I've developed over the years and use in my wedding films. They were developed using Sony A7s cameras with the PPF turned "OFF", but work great for the famous "PPF 5 Cine-4" profile. I've had a blast putting these together for y'all and am excited to see the results you come up with using them!

LUT Names: Moab, Yosemite and Antigua. 

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"Henry's LUT pack has changed the game. I used these luts for my most recent project and this has improved my color grades by 10 times. The lut pack is extremely flexible and not limiting in terms of being "overly stylized". I saved hours grading my last project with these and never felt limited or steered away from my own style. Improving My style and decreasing my time grading = more money. 10/10 would recommend"

"These LUTs takes my videos to the next level. They work perfectly with my clips and sets the tone and feel of what I'm trying to achieve. The Moab LUT is especially my favorite!"

" I found these Luts very good! A good start point for a special achievement, perfect for who works with sony alpha in standard mode, but very versatile for use it in with other settings. I used it with cine4/s-gamut. The three luts act differently, but with good coherence in way that cod be used together in the same timeline. For me, it absolutely worth the buy and it will be an important part of my grading since now."