Personal Workshop


Simple, Yet Effective

How to book clients | Develop your style | Grow your business | Pricing structures + packages | Gear lists | Client interactions + experience | Shooting techniques | Real world wedding situation | Data management | Editing techniques | Color grading procesS

These are the main topics of my session. I'm an open book. You can choose topics that interest you more and we'll focus more time on them. This session is designed to grow your business + craft instantly by being totally custom for you. The session usually last around 5hrs. Skype works great so we can share screens and you can see behind the scenes on my films, but also so I can see what you're working with and help if needed. In-person sessions are also awesome if you're local or willing to travel to the Dallas area. If you're interested, just shoot me an email here:

We shoot on Sony A7s cameras and use FCPX. The sessions specifically related to gear + editing + coloring benefit more if you're using these tools or are interested in switching (I'll make you a believer) over to the best |


"Henry does not hold anything back. He is very open about how he does his work and literally shows you all of his methods for creating awesome work! He gave us tips on how we could update our process immediately, not only on the filming side, but on the business side! Within a week of the mentoring session we booked a wedding at our highest pricing yet, without changing anything! Since then, we have booked several at even higher pricing - all because of Henry's advice. We highly recommend anyone to catch a mentoring session with him. You won't regret it!" - Cynthia B.

"Having a mentor session with Henry was an extremely beneficial step in advancing my career in filmmaking! Henry is very easy to talk to and gives you the tools you need to be successful. Durning the mentor session I was able to see how he organizes his footage and even talk about the business side of filmmaking. He is very open to answering your questions and helping out in any way! Henry also stresses originality and to chase after your passions! I highly suggest having a mentor session if you are serious about taking your work to the next level." - Trevor M.